Commun Past / / Art installation



Creation:  Paris / 2016

Exhibition:  Au delà de l’Héritage / 18 April – 1 May 2016 / Salle Saint Pierre de Montmartre, Paris

Photos: Coline Robin / Alexis Allemand / Stanislas Beckers

Publication: Catalogue available here

« Commun Past » is both an in-situ action and an art installation for the exhibition « Au delà de l’Héritage ». The topic of the exhibition was the historical, cultural, artistic… heritage of the neighbourhood of Montmartre in Paris. « Commun past » is an installation which plays with the code of the touristic industry present in a historically painful area. Can the historical and activist heritage be remembered to the touristic crowd visiting the site? What is chosen to be remembered and what is falling into memory lapse?