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Annenviertel – Kartographie // Art

Creation:  Mürzzuschlag / 2017 Exhibition: 7 April 2017 – 11 June 2017 Photos: Coline Robin Team: Coline Robin / Robin Klengel / Markus Waitschacher Infos: Kunsthaus muerz « Annenviertel – Kartographie eines urbanen Handlungsraums » was exhibited during the exhibition « Unschärfen und weisse Flecken » in the Kunsthaus muerz between the 7 […]

Darkside // Architecture-Art

Creation: Stuttgart / 2014 Team: Alper Kazokoglu, Coline Robin, Tymek Jezierski, Umschischten Info: Is a building really the same for everyone? What happened when you translate people’s space description into architecture drawings? Twenty people interviewed give their perspectives on the Ujazdowski castle in Warsaw. From their views, twenty new castles appeared. One […]

Urban Ecology // Architecture

Creation:  Paris / 2010 Photos / Drawings: Coline Robin In Villeneuve-le-roi, suburb town near Paris, the industrial area, blocking the access to the river Seine, suffers currently from a decrease of its activities. The project includes tree complementary proposals, to ensure accessibility for everyone : use water as a starting point of the conversion […]

Stadtlabor Frankfurt // Architecture-Art

Creation: Frankfurt am Main / 2015 Photos: Complizen Team: Coline Robin, Complizen Planungsbüro, Infos: The Historical Museum of Frankfurt am Main proposes every year a participatory project: the « Stadtlabor (urban laboratory) ». The exhibition takes place in a different neighborhood of Frankfurt each year. It mobilizes local actors […]

Istanbul Urban Transformation // Architecture Research

  Creation: Istanbul & Paris / 2013 Photos: Coline Robin / © Pham Thu Trang Publication: Master thesis available here Basibüyük: rehousing of the inhabitants, effects of global policies on local communities The research work for this thesis were realised in collaboration with the IFEA, the French Institute for Anatolian Studies […]

Mediafabrik // Architecture Research

Creation: Paris / 2013 Presentation: 14 June 2013, ENSAPM Publication: Master thesis available here Mediafabrik reinvents an empty space in Berlin Mitte. By implementing a free platform for media production and hacking technologies, the new building becomes an open space for discourses and exchanges. The new facade of the building aims […]