Urban Ecology // Architecture


Creation:  Paris / 2010

Photos / Drawings: Coline Robin

In Villeneuve-le-roi, suburb town near Paris, the industrial area, blocking the access to the river Seine, suffers currently from a decrease of its activities. The project includes tree complementary proposals, to ensure accessibility for everyone : use water as a starting point of the conversion of the industrial area, connect the city to the riverbanks through a huge urban park and mix subtly housing, industry and community facilities. Extensions of existing roads increase inhabitants mobility through the city, their neighbourhood and the neighbouring cities. Industries are relocated near high roads in order to limit nuisances. The link between housings and industries is insured by shops and community facilities, used by locals and workers.

The park is making a link between the Villeneuve-le-roi inhabitants to the leisure areas at the riverside. It is composed of five islands with different activities : a lake park, a community leisure facilities island, an harbour, a liable to flooding swamp forest, an ornithological reserve and an urban agriculture island. The landscape park is directly connected from the suburb train station and it is included into a wider regional ecological promenade along the river. Then, the existing polluted channel is extended in order to treat its water through a decontaminating process. The project aims to increase the porosity of the city ground and to bring a bigger diversity of riverbanks. The goal of the project is to improve inhabitant life quality through a new urban ecology.