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Annenviertel – Kartographie // Art

Creation:  Mürzzuschlag / 2017 Exhibition: 7 April 2017 – 11 June 2017 Photos: Coline Robin Team: Coline Robin / Robin Klengel / Markus Waitschacher Infos: Kunsthaus muerz « Annenviertel – Kartographie eines urbanen Handlungsraums » was exhibited during the exhibition « Unschärfen und weisse Flecken » in the Kunsthaus muerz between the 7 […]

Kafka zum Lachen – Theater im Bahnof // Illustration

Creation:  Mürzzuschlag / 2017 Photos: Johanna Rainer Team: Coline Robin / Robin Klengel / Theater in Bahnhof Infos: Kunsthaus muerz « Kafka zum Lachen » was a reading performance from the theater group Theater in Bahnhof. During the performance, we illustrated live the content of the selected texts from Kafka.

Griesplatzzeichnen// Art research

  Creation: Graz / 2016 Book presentation: Stadtteilbüro Griesviertel, 2 November 2016 & Haus der Architektur, 21 December 2016 Team: Adina F. Camhy / Robin Klengel / Coline Robin / Markus Waitschacher Info: In the summer 2016, we collected 100 views on Griesplatz, one of the main square of Graz. […]

All the Missing Maps // Art project

Creation: 2015, Styria Artist-in-Residence, Graz Exhibition & Presentation: 18-31 January 2016, Forum Stadtpark Photos: Lena Prehal Infos: Coming soon « All the missing maps » materializes the different stories and perspectives on a particular territory. It captures through interviews an episode of the life of this neighboorhood. The models and […]

Darkside // Architecture-Art

Creation: Stuttgart / 2014 Team: Alper Kazokoglu, Coline Robin, Tymek Jezierski, Umschischten Info: Is a building really the same for everyone? What happened when you translate people’s space description into architecture drawings? Twenty people interviewed give their perspectives on the Ujazdowski castle in Warsaw. From their views, twenty new castles appeared. One […]

Kopfkino diaries // Illustration

Creation: Vienna / 2016 Exhibition:  Partycipation Festival / 17 July – 24 July 2016 / Vienna, Austria Photos: Coline Robin /  Michael Guzei The festival Partycipation invites every year artists for a one week art residency. I took part in the 2016 edition. I drew each day a booklet capturing […]

Commun Past / / Art installation

  Creation:  Paris / 2016 Exhibition:  Au delà de l’Héritage / 18 April – 1 May 2016 / Salle Saint Pierre de Montmartre, Paris Photos: Coline Robin / Alexis Allemand / Stanislas Beckers Publication: Catalogue available here « Commun Past » is both an in-situ action and an art installation […]

Vi-es-age // Street Art

Creation: Graz / 2016 Exhibition: 29 July – 8 August 2016 / Micro Galleries Photos: Micro Galleries Infos: Micro Galleries is a street art festival happening worldwide. I took part in the Graz edition with the project « Vi-es-age ». All the drawings were faces of the inhabitants of […]

Stadtlabor Frankfurt // Architecture-Art

Creation: Frankfurt am Main / 2015 Photos: Complizen Team: Coline Robin, Complizen Planungsbüro, Infos: The Historical Museum of Frankfurt am Main proposes every year a participatory project: the « Stadtlabor (urban laboratory) ». The exhibition takes place in a different neighborhood of Frankfurt each year. It mobilizes local actors […]

Hidden I /// Art installation

Creation: Paris / 2012 Going through the installation makes you realize your own impact on space. The light bodies move without being touched. The installation acts as revelator of negative space.

Hidden II // Art installation

Creation: Paris / 2009 Team: M. Echivard / C. Robin / C. Usunier / L. Vialard Even the most familiar place can turn into a disturbing space when a few details change. Unusual light, troubling sound, new floor…what is exactly happening there? “Hidden II” plays with our imagination. […]