All the Missing Maps // Art project


Creation: 2015, Styria Artist-in-Residence, Graz

Exhibition & Presentation: 18-31 January 2016, Forum Stadtpark

Photos: Lena Prehal

Infos: Coming soon

« All the missing maps » materializes the different stories and perspectives on a particular territory. It captures through interviews an episode of the life of this neighboorhood. The models and drawings reveal many different local life scenarii.

The exhibition focusses on three scales as perceived by the interview partners: the neighborhood, the public space and  the urban object. It displays contradictions, similarities, confrontations and encounters, occurring in the district Lend in Graz.

« One starting point could be working on a part of the city of Graz : the neighborhood Lend and experiencing it through the eyes of its inhabitants. 

One strategy could be weekly diaries, long interviews with inhabitants and one request: draw me your mental map of the neighborhood, put inside the places you love and the ones you fear. 

One question could be: what is actually your very own perception of this particular part of your living space? 

One approach could be diving from a small to a bigger scale into their experience of the city and choosing to let it unfold in three phases: the neighborhood, a public space and urban objects. 

Some intentions could be exploring ways of appropriation at different scales, discovering the city as a sensitive scape and collecting missing maps of a territory, personal ways of seeing space.

Project plan2.jpg

Personal map of the project « All the missing maps », Coline Robin, 2016