Darkside // Architecture-Art

Architecture, Art

Creation: Stuttgart / 2014

Team: Alper Kazokoglu, Coline Robin, Tymek Jezierski, Umschischten

Info: http://umschichten.de/the-dark-side/

Is a building really the same for everyone? What happened when you translate people’s space description into architecture drawings? Twenty people interviewed give their perspectives on the Ujazdowski castle in Warsaw. From their views, twenty new castles appeared.

One extract from the book Darkside:

« Who does not know similar institutions, hospitals, universities, hotels, office complexes, where one wanders along corridors, up and down stairways, passing spaces one thinks one has seen before, but perhaps also not, following or ignoring signs, peering from a window to check one’s location with something outside, finally opening a door almost at random to find oneself in some concealed space occupied by a group of people who seem to pass their lives here unnoticed by the rest of the world. Are they friendly? Suspicious? Hostile? Do they carry on with their work keeping their heads down and staring straight ahead, do they brusquely request the visitor’s identity papers, or do they offer an invitation to a glass of plum brandy? » William Firebrace