Mediafabrik // Architecture Research

Creation: Paris / 2013 Presentation: 14 June 2013, ENSAPM Publication: Master thesis available here Mediafabrik reinvents an empty space in Berlin Mitte. By implementing a free platform for media production and hacking technologies, the new building becomes an open space for discourses and exchanges. The new facade of the building aims […]

Hidden I /// Art installation

Creation: Paris / 2012 Going through the installation makes you realize your own impact on space. The light bodies move without being touched. The installation acts as revelator of negative space.

Loesje Web // Web illustration

Creation: Graz / 2016 Campaign: 2011- Summer 2016 Loesje is a loose collective of activists and writers active worldwide. I designed the webpage of the French branch of the collective. The webpage is mixing interactive illustrations and content. For the international campaign of the summer 2016, I […]

Hidden II // Art installation

Creation: Paris / 2009 Team: M. Echivard / C. Robin / C. Usunier / L. Vialard Even the most familiar place can turn into a disturbing space when a few details change. Unusual light, troubling sound, new floor…what is exactly happening there? “Hidden II” plays with our imagination. […]